Science and Innovation


Nutrilite supplements have always been the product of nature and science. We continue to explore new ingredients and products based on the latest scientific findings.

Every Nutrilite product is the direct result of extensive testing and laboratory analysis, conducted by more than 200 scientists, microbiologists, chemists, nutritionists, and other technicians in our 8 research and development laboratories around the world. Our comprehensive analytical services include bioassays, microbiology, and analytical chemistry – using highly sophisticated equipment usually found only in pharmaceutical laboratories.

For more than 60 years, our scientists have collaborated with the world’s best clinical research organisations. Our scientists have earned recognition globally for their significant contributions in many areas of nutrition and health science. Our leadership has led to working with governmental regulatory bodies in the USA, China and Korea, including consulting about ingredients, quality practices and processes used by manufacturers of dietary supplements.

Combining Nature with The Science of Synthetics

At Nutrilite, we start with the nature's source: natural plant materials and concentrates from sustainably grown plants.

Through scientific research, we know that some vitamins and other nutrients require higher levels than can be found in plant sources alone – or the resulting product would be difficult to swallow or dissolve properly when ingested.

A perfect example is vitamin C. At Nutrilite, we complement the natural vitamin C from our own acerola cherries with synthetic ascorbic acid. That way, we can deliver a level of vitamin C in our products that scientists around the world have found to be beneficial.

The result? Through the science of synthetics, we can produce supplements that meet our high standards for potency, efficacy, tablet size, and shelf life.

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