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Nutrilite Soy Protein Drink (900g)

What does a child, teenager, adult and an elderly need daily for cell formation and survival? Protein! But, how does it benefit each age group?

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4 Nutrilite™ Must-Haves for Food Lovers!

Perhaps it is a Malaysian habit, but we tend to express our love for our families and friends through the promise of food. If festivities and celebrations aren’t far apart, it just means double the celebrations and double the calories.

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Pack a Punch with Soy Protein!

When we hear of people taking protein, we often associate it with fitness enthusiasts who are looking to bulk up on their muscle mass, but did you know that is not always the case? People out there who are familiar with Nutrilite™ know that one of our star products is our soy protein and it is taken by millions all over the world, both young and old! 

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Give the Gift of Good Health

Does your body ache after a day’s work? Do your parents complain of joint and muscle pain regularly? Friend catches the cold or flu every other month? These issues are rather common in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

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